USDVault is the World’s First 1:1 USD Pegged, Gold Backed and Gold/Fiat Redeemable Stablecoin

USDVault is the First US Dollar Stable, Gold-Backed Stablecoin

How does USDVault Work?

Issuance of USDVault tokens
Created with Sketch. V A U L T USER FIDUCIARIES HEDGING GOLD 1 . User submits KYC/AML documents, wallet infor and wi mation r e s funds 3. Vault sends USDVault tokens to user's wallet 2a. Fiduciary sends approval to USDVault smart contract confirming client approval & funds receipt 2b. Fiduciary deposits client's funds into escrow , and initiates the purchanse of gold and gold hedge 1 2 3
Redemption into gold or fiat
Created with Sketch. V A U L T USER FIDUCIARIES HEDGING GOLD 1 . User requests r edemption of USDVault tokens for physical gold 3a. Fiduciary withdraws gold from vault, closes hedge, and sends funds back to escrow 3b. Fiduciary ships physical gold to the user 2. USDVault smart contract notifies relevant fiduciaries to redeem gold to user 1 3 2
USDVault tokens are the first precious metals backed stablecoins to be launched on the Vault platform.

Vault works with the licensed fiduciaries who are responsible for securely collecting and managing customer funds. The Vault team never has access to customer funds or the gold backing the tokens.

USDVault Tokens are only issued upon receipt of funds. No tokens will be issued without 1:1 USD equivalent in Gold backing.

Industry-standard level KYC/AML checks will be conducted upon issuance and redemption of all tokens.

Vault is Reinventing the Gold Standard

Institutional-Grade Risk Reduction

Clients have legal claim on underlying gold vaulted securely in Switzerland – one of the world’s most favorable jurisdictions for secure, confidential banking.

Original Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar, neutral to the price of gold, and fully redeemable – USDVault tokens have reinvented the gold standard.

Continuously Offered Token Supply

Tokens will be continuously available for purchase and redemption directly from Vault. Gold is purchased with token issuance and sold upon redemption, making token supply flexible and highly scalable.

Why USDVault?

Audited & Transparent

Vault’s platform is fully transparent and is regularly audited by 3rd parties. You can verify the gold reserves in the fiduciaries´ Swiss vaults, and the total number of USDV tokens in circulation any time.

US Dollar stable and 1:1 pegged:

By being pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar and redeemable for gold, each USDV token is US Dollar stable.

Gold price volatility neutral

Our 3rd party fiduciaries execute a hedging program to remain gold price volatility neutral.

Gold backed

USDV is fully backed by, and redeemable for, gold held in Swiss vaults directly via 3rd party fiduciaries.

Regulatory compliance

Vault will be operating under all relevant regulations, and all creation and redemption of USDV tokens will require KYC and AML compliance.


Vault's USDV token leverages the industry standard ERC20 smart contract, on top of the Ethereum blockchain, and will have routine smart-contract security audits.